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What’s The Difference Between the .308 Winchester & The 7.62×51…Let’s Find Out

I recently just purchased a really cool bolt action rifle that was chambered in .308 Winchester and when I went to buy ammunition for it, I bought 2 boxes of 7.62×51  instead of the .308 Winchester. Did I make a rookie mistake? Well, let’s take a look at this and see where it ends up okay?
Do a search on the internet for “7.62×51,” and you will get results for “7.62 NATO,” “.308 Winchester,” and multiple variants thereof. Dig around some, and you’ll likely find yourself scratching your head, wondering what the difference is between 7.62 and .308 rounds.
Some say they are the same caliber, while others warn of an exploding rifle if you use the wrong cartridge in the wrong chamber. Do a search for “.308” and you will find similar results, albeit with fewer references to 7.62. So, what gives? Are 7.62 NATO (a.k.a. 7.62x51mm) and .308 Winchester the same thing? Or ar …

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