Whoopi Gold­berg Couldn’t Remem­ber What Years Trump Ran for Pres­i­dent

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Whoopi Goldberg Couldn’t Remember What Years Trump Ran for President

As mod­er­a­tor for ABC’s The View, Whoopi Gold­berg made it a point of pride to nev­er say for­mer Pres­i­dent Don­ald Trump’s name; pre­fer­ring to call him “you know who” like he’s Volde­mort from Har­ry Pot­ter. She’s also been one of Pres­i­dent Biden’s biggest defend­ers when it came to crit­i­cism about his age and men­tal acu­ity. But dur­ing Tuesday’s show, Gold­berg appar­ent­ly couldn’t remem­ber which years Trump ran for pres­i­dent and had to be walked through it.
Kick­ing off the s …