Dan Bongi­no Cites ‘Dev­as­tat­ing’ MRC Report to Warn View­ers of Google’s Elec­tion Inter­fer­ence

Dan Bongino Cites ‘Devastating’ MRC Report to Warn Viewers of Google’s Election Interference

Syn­di­cat­ed radio host Dan Bongi­no had quite a bit to say about Big Tech behe­moth Google, warn­ing that the com­pa­ny pre­sent­ed a dire threat to the abil­i­ty of vot­ers to get access to true infor­ma­tion. 

Bongi­no wield­ed MRC Free Speech America’s lat­est ground­break­ing report show­ing 41 instances of Google wield­ing its pow­er to manip­u­late elec­tions since 2008 to ben­e­fit left-wing can­di­dates dur­ing the March 19 edi­tion of The Dan Bongi­no Show.  Giv­en the loom­ing 2024 elec­tion in Novem­ber, Bongi­no heav­i­ly empha­sized that Google’s pat­tern of  attempts to con­trol the nar­ra­tive should be tak­en very seri­ous­ly. Bongi­no called the MRC report “dev­as­tat­ing.”
“Folks, Google for the last ten plus years I would argue has been a swat tea …