Univision’s Jorge Ramos Gets SHUT DOWN On Immi­gra­tion, Bor­der Cri­sis

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The most pro-open bor­ders anchor in tele­vi­sion got shut down on his own Sun­day show on bor­ders and immi­gra­tion, and it wasn’t even close. Time and time again, Jorge Ramos was force­ful­ly rebutted on the nar­ra­tives he’s served his view­er­ship for decades. 
Watch as Ramos gets absolute­ly han­dled by San Anto­nio-area talk show host and old friend of MRC Lati­no George Rodriguez:

JORGE RAMOS: Trump has called some immi­grants “ani­mals”. He says that cer­tain immi­grants poi­son the blood of the Unit­ed States. Do you agree with Trump?