Fet­ter­man says Hamas is group of ‘rapists and cow­ards’ in wake of sex­u­al assault details

Sen. John Fet­ter­man (D‑PA) slammed some of his fel­low mem­bers of Con­gress, as well as the Unit­ed Nations, for refus­ing to con­demn Hamas after a released hostage revealed in har­row­ing detail the sex­u­al assault she received at the hands of the ter­ror­ists while in cap­tiv­i­ty.
Amit Sous­sana was one of the rough­ly 250 Israelis who were kid­napped dur­ing Hamas’s Oct. 7 attacks in south­ern Israel, and she was among rough­ly 100 of them who were released dur­ing the week­long tem­po­rary cease­fire deal in late Novem­ber. She is the first for­mer hostage to speak out and accuse the ter­ror­ists of sex­u­al assault while in cap­tiv­i­ty.
Dur­ing her time in cap­tiv­i­ty, she was repeat­ed­ly beat­en and kept in var­i­ous homes and the sig­nifi …