News­Busters Pod­cast: A Fevered, Fren­zied, Fraz­zled Media War on Trump

NewsBusters Podcast: A Fevered, Frenzied, Frazzled Media War on Trump

Once again in 2024, jour­nal­ists need to jus­ti­fy treat­ing Trump as a dead­ly bubon­ic plague, an impend­ing Hitler. Treat­ing him as one side of an elec­tion is dan­ger­ous when he is the End of Democ­ra­cy. Then they claim they only have a bias in favor of Truth. Yes, they’re total­ly not favor­ing the Democ­rats with this foam-flecked Evil Trump cov­er­age.
On April 1, the New York Times pod­cast The Dai­ly tack­led the “Trump Prob­lem,” which they defined as this: Why must we deal with busi­ness exec­u­tives who want us to treat Trump and his vot­ers like they are nor­mal cit­i­zens and not a Death Star for Democ­ra­cy? Host Michael Bar­baro asked Times polit­i­cal reporter Jim Ruten­berg about the impres­sion Repub­li­cans have that the media are wear­ing a “jer­sey” for Team Biden in all of their hos­til­i­ty to Trump.
Ruten­berg’s reply was sim­ply awful: “No one wants to be w …