Col­umn: PBS ‘News’ Hounds Are OK with Biden’s Inflam­ma­to­ry Rhetoric

<div>Column: PBS 'News' Hounds Are OK with Biden's Inflammatory Rhetoric</div>

They call them­selves the PBS New­sHour, but if you watch them rou­tine­ly, you might call them the PBS Oppo­si­tion Research Hour. They often sound like a Demo­c­rat con­sult­ing firm as they ana­lyze Don­ald Trump as a dan­ger­ous­ly extreme fig­ure. Then they can turn around and pro­claim that Joe Biden is very bipar­ti­san in nego­ti­at­ing “objec­tive­ly his­tor­i­cal achieve­ments,” as PBS anchor Amna Nawaz claimed at the State of the Union address.
On April 2, PBS aired a seg­ment titled “Ana­lyz­ing Trump’s use of inflam­ma­to­ry rhetoric on the cam­paign trail.” Two days lat­er, it was changed to “Anato­my of a Trump speech.”
They decid­ed to watch all the scary pas­sages in Trump’s recent speech­es with Jen­nifer Mer­cieca, who reporter Lisa Des­jardins bland­ly described as “an author and Texas A&M pro­fes­sor who spe­cial­izes in polit­i­cal and Trump rhe …