MEMECLIPSE: TIME Mag Ludi­crous­ly Calls Trump Meme Video ‘Bizarre Cam­paign Ad’

MEMECLIPSE: TIME Mag Ludicrously Calls Trump Meme Video ‘Bizarre Campaign Ad’

Have you ever heard of the old expres­sion, “The left can’t meme?” Well, appar­ent­ly TIME mag­a­zine is so bro­ken with Trump Derange­ment Syn­drome it can’t even fig­ure out what a meme is. 
TIME railed against for­mer Pres­i­dent Don­ald Trump for post­ing on Truth Social what the left­ist mag­a­zine described as a “new and bizarre cam­paign ad” of his “head tak[ing] the place of the moon and block[ing] out the sun in a nod to Monday’s solar eclipse.” Mak­ing it seem like the video was an actu­al cam­paign ad, the mag­a­zine con­tin­ued: “It shows an image of the glow­ing sun as aston­ished crowds gath­er to watch the solar eclipse with pro­tec­tive eye­wear on.” Here’s the prob­lem: The so-called “cam­paign ad” was just a meme, and the mag­a­zine didn’t clear­ly didn’t get it and spent near­ly 400 words of col­umn space writ­ing it up.
The joke video even had a water­mark by the pro-Trump meme account il Don­al­do Trumpo, but even that flew over the m …