Mum! Google Fails to Respond to Bozell’s Chal­lenge, Does Not Refute Elec­tion Inter­fer­ence

Mum! Google Fails to Respond to Bozell’s Challenge, Does Not Refute Election Interference

Does Google’s inex­plic­a­ble silence speak loud­er than words? It seems that way.
Google failed to respond to a scorch­ing let­ter from MRC Pres­i­dent Brent Bozell chal­leng­ing the tech giant and its par­ent com­pa­ny, Alpha­bet, to offi­cial­ly dis­prove an MRC Free Speech Amer­i­ca Spe­cial Report on its elec­tion inter­fer­ence activ­i­ties. 
Issued on March 26 and addressed to Alpha­bet CEO Sun­dar Pichai, the let­ter gave the tech giant until April 9 to dis­prove MRC’s find­ings. “Amer­i­cans demand answers, and either way, I will make sure they have them,” Bozell wrote at the time. “If I do not hear from you by April 9, I will have no choice but to ma …