O.J. Simp­son Killed By Can­cer

O.J. Simpson Killed By Cancer

O.J. Simp­son died on Thurs­day at the age of 76, and the media didn’t quite know what to do.
They didn’t know what to do because O.J. Simp­son was a mur­der­er, and every­one knows he was a mur­der­er. But he spent the last half of his life being treat­ed by some in the media as though he was a sort of con­tro­ver­sial fig­ure.
A head­line from the Wash­ing­ton Post summed this up: “How will O.J. Simp­son be remem­bered?”
The answer for every­one who remem­bers the O.J. Simp­son mur­der tri­al is that he will be remem­bered as a per­son who very obvi­ous­ly mur­dered his ex-wife and a per­son named Ron Gold­ma …