Fox News Host Notes ‘MSM’ Skips NPR Hub­bub, Would Leap On Fox Insid­er Expose

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<div>Fox News Host Notes 'MSM' Skips NPR Hubbub, Would Leap On Fox Insider Expose</div>

On Sun­day’s Medi­a­Buzz show on the Fox News Chan­nel, host Howard Kurtz brought on ex-NPR reporter Juan Williams to recall his own in-house expe­ri­ence with the rad­i­cal left inside NPR. Kurtz also not­ed most of the “main­stream” media have skipped any men­tion of the hub­bub over NPR senior edi­tor Uri Berlin­er’s expose. 

KURTZ: You know, The New York Times wait­ed the two days and then a did a sort of ‘NPR in Tur­moil’ piece but did­n’t get into any of the specifics. Noth­ing in The Wash­ing­ton Post, noth­ing at Poli­ti …