Net­works OMIT Lat­est Over­run of the South­ern Bor­der At El Paso

It’s like the “floor is lava chal­lenge”, but with cov­er­ing the south­ern bor­der instead of touch­ing the floor. Once again, the cor­po­rate evening news­casts have refused to cov­er a group of migrants as they over­whelm the Bor­der Patrol and ille­gal­ly enter into the coun­try.
Per Univision’s report on the lat­est run for the bor­der at El Paso, as aired on Mon­day, April 15th, 2024:

PEDRO ULTRERAS: The migrants used long fences that the author­i­ties use as an enclo­sure along the Rio Grande, and used them as a lad­der with …