Suze Orman sug­gests ‘peo­ple are not doing OK’ in today’s econ­o­my

Suze Orman suggests ‘people are not doing OK’ in today’s economy

Finan­cial expert Suze Orman offered her analy­sis of the econ­o­my, which includ­ed a red flag for cur­rent per­son­al sav­ings.
Orman appeared on MSNBC’s Morn­ing Joe Fri­day to share her con­cerns about what co-host Mika Brzezin­s­ki called the “finan­cial pan­dem­ic.” Even though Orman acknowl­edged that unem­ploy­ment is down and the stock mar­kets are up, she says it’s clear peo­ple are strug­gling.
“I’m always con­cerned about those, Mika, that don’t have mon­ey,” Orman said. “‘Cause infla­tion, even though they say it’s kind of come down, peo­ple still don’t have the mon­ey they need to afford the things that they need. Not their wants, but just their needs. So the rents peo­ple are pay­ing, the prices they’re pay­ing for real estate, their homes, that con­cerns me.”

GDP “looks pret­ty good,” accord­ing to Orman, but she acknowl­edged she’s “not sure that means …