Vot­ers: Yes, they’re ‘ille­gal,’ and they con­tribute ‘vio­lent crime’

Voters: Yes, they’re ‘illegal,’ and they contribute ‘violent crime’

Vot­ers reject the effort to polit­i­cal­ly cor­rect Pres­i­dent Joe Biden’s use of the word “ille­gal” to describe immi­grants who crawl across the Mexico‑U.S. bor­der with­out autho­riza­tion, and they also believe that those immi­grants con­tribute to vio­lent crime in the coun­try.
In the lat­est Ras­mussen Reports sur­vey shared with Secrets, 62% said the “best way” to describe unau­tho­rized bor­der crossers is to call them “ille­gal immi­grant” or “ille­gal alien.” Far few­er pre­ferred the terms “asy­lum-seek­er” or “undoc­u­ment­ed migrant.”
What’s more, 62% also said that they are con­cerned that ille­gal immi­grants “con­tribute to the vio­lent crime prob­lem in Amer­i­ca,” and 56% believe that the bor­der crossers make the coun­try a “worse” place.

This is Demo­c­rat sen­ate major­i­ty leader Chuck Schumer from 2009 talk­ing about how unac­cept­able ille­gal immi­gra­tion is. Now Dems say it’s unac­cept­able to even use the word ille­gal. Things every­one said just a few years ago …