OOF: Ari­zona Lati­nos LAUGH At Wei­jia Jiang’s Ques­tion On Jan­u­ary 6th

Talk about a dis­con­nect between the media and the gen­er­al elec­torate. Imag­ine fly­ing all the way to Ari­zona to do the oblig­a­tory pan­el on Biden’s decline in the polls amongst Lati­nos, and hav­ing your Jan­u­ary 6th ques­tion laughed off by the pan­el.
That’s exact­ly what hap­pened to CBS’s Wei­jia Jiang in Ari­zona. Watch:

WEIJIA JIANG: Pres­i­dent Biden has called Trump a threat to democ­ra­cy and made it a cen­tral part of his cam­paign. Is democ­ra­cy on the bal­lot in 2024? 
STEVE MACIAS: I don’t buy that argu­ment.