Stim­u­lus update: Direct pay­ment worth $1,312 to be sent to some Alas­ka res­i­dents in one day

Stimulus update: Direct payment worth ,312 to be sent to some Alaska residents in one day

The Alas­ka Depart­ment of Rev­enue is set to issue checks from the Per­ma­nent Fund Div­i­dend to anoth­er batch of res­i­dents who have yet to get their pay­ments from the pro­gram in one day.
On Thurs­day, those who had the “Eli­gi­ble-Not Paid” sta­tus as of March 13 and have not received their checks from the pro­gram from 2023 or ear­li­er will get their pay­ment from the state pro­gram.
Res­i­dents in the Last Fron­tier must intend to remain a res­i­dent of Alas­ka indef­i­nite­ly and may not be a con­vict­ed felon, among oth­er stip­u­la­tions, to qual­i­fy for the Per­ma­nent Fund Div­i­dend pro­gram.
The amount for the Per­ma­nent Fund Div­i­dend checks each year is deter­mined by the state’s annu­al min­er­al rev­enues. For the 2023 pay­ment from the pro­gram, eli­gi­ble res­i­dents received $1,312. Dis­tri­b­u­tion for the 2 …