NYC Coun­cil Asks State’s High­est Court To Let Non-Cit­i­zens Vote In Local Elec­tions

NYC Council Asks State’s Highest Court To Let Non-Citizens Vote In Local Elections

The New York City Coun­cil is ask­ing New York’s high­est court to reverse a pair of rul­ings in a move that could ulti­mate­ly allow non-cit­i­zens to vote in local elec­tions.
The con­tro­ver­sial law would allow 800,000 non-cit­i­zens with green cards to vote.
“Today’s fil­ing to appeal the Sec­ond Department’s recent deci­sion seeks a deter­mi­na­tion from the state’s high­est court that the law is con­sis­tent with the State Con­sti­tu­tion, Elec­tion Law, and the Munic­i­pal Home Rule Law,” said City Coun­cil spokesper­son Rendy Desamours.
“Empow­er­ing New York­ers to par­tic­i­pate in ou …