‘An Empire Of Ter­ror’: Bill Whit­tle On The Rise Of The Sovi­et Union

‘An Empire Of Terror’: Bill Whittle On The Rise Of The Soviet Union

The fol­low­ing is an edit­ed tran­script of a Dai­ly Wire inter­view with Bill Whit­tle on his new, in-depth docuseries on the rise of the Sovi­et Union: “What We Saw: An Empire of Ter­ror.”
Dai­ly Wire: Bill, you’ve now pro­duced mul­ti­ple “What We Saw” doc­u­men­taries for The Dai­ly Wire: “Apol­lo 11” and “The Cold War.” Why did you choose the rise of the Sovi­et Union as your next project?
Bill: Short­ly after the inva­sion of Ukraine I received a call from Jere­my Bor­e­ing at The Dai­ly Wire. I just fin­ished cov­er­ing a fair amount of Rus­sia with “The Cold War” series. Giv­en the research for “The Cold War,” and my pre­vi­ous read­ings, I’ve always been kind of mor­bid­ly fas­ci­nat­ed with the mech­a­nisms of the Sovi­et Union — fas­ci­nat­ed and dis­gust­ed and appalled and intrigued by gov­ern­ments that have to ter­ror­ize their peo­ple in order to remain in pow­er, anti …