Secret Cana­di­an Police Report Warns Econ­o­my Under Trudeau Is Dev­as­tat­ing Young Peo­ple

Secret Canadian Police Report Warns Economy Under Trudeau Is Devastating Young People

A secret report by the Roy­al Cana­di­an Mount­ed Police (RCMP) warns that Canada’s eco­nom­ic future is bleak and that young peo­ple are going to be pro­found­ly affect­ed by it.
The doc­u­ment, titled “Whole-of-Gov­ern­ment Five-Year Trends for Cana­da,” is heav­i­ly redact­ed and large­ly focus­es on the effects of cli­mate change. How­ev­er, it also pre­dicts major eco­nom­ic trou­ble for Cana­da in the years to come, not­ing, “In the words of Emmanuel Macron, we are about to see ‘the end of abun­dance.’ Eco­nom­ic fore­casts for the next five years and beyond are bleak. It is always unclear exact­ly how economies will per­form, but this peri­od of reces­sion wil …