Poli­ti­Fact Slaps ‘False’ Rat­ing On Baby­lon Bee Joke About Pete Buttigieg

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The pro­fes­sion­al fact-check­ing indus­try has run into prob­lems with The Baby­lon Bee before and some have respond­ed bet­ter than oth­ers. Some out­lets, like Snopes and USA Today, have a “satire” label. For Poli­ti­Fact, on the oth­er hand, a satir­i­cal joke about Trans­porta­tion Sec­re­tary Pete Buttigieg is no laugh­ing mat­ter as it rat­ed a Wednes­day Bee arti­cle about him “false.”
A Fri­day Poli­ti­Fact head­line read, “Satir­i­cal head­line about Pete Buttigieg and the Key Bridge tak­en out of con­text.”
Cia­ra O’Rourke added more details, “A recent Face­book post shared a head­line from a satire web­site but not every­one got the joke.”
She con­tin­ued, ‘“Buttigieg prais­es car­go ship for help­ing dis­man­tle racism in Amer­i­can roads,’ the head­line …