OUCH: KJP Gets Waxed by Fox’s Hein­rich, Lawrence on Infla­tion, CNN on Lack of WH Ethics

Press Sec­re­tary Karine Jean-Pierre went solo for Thursday’s White House press brief­ing, so she shoul­dered all the ques­tions, includ­ing the Mid­dle East and the econ­o­my. It was on this lat­ter top­ic where she was put through the gaunt­let by Fox News’s Jacqui Hein­rich and Fox Business’s Edward Lawrence as they called out the administration’s chan­nel­ing of Jim Carey in Dumb and Dumb­er in deny­ing per­sis­tent­ly high infla­tion.
Lawrence cut to the chase with a bru­tal infla­tion fact-check: 

Fox Business’s @EdwardLawrence: “I’m gonna ask …