WATCH: Baby­lon Bee CEO Explains Why Experts Should NEVER Be Cen­sors

WATCH: Babylon Bee CEO Explains Why Experts Should NEVER Be Censors

The CEO of a pop­u­lar satire site summed up exact­ly why no expert should ever have the abil­i­ty to deter­mine what free speech is allowed.
Pri­vate experts, Big Tech employ­ees and gov­ern­ment offi­cials alike have all appoint­ed them­selves arbiters of what speech should be cen­sored and what speech will be allowed. This anti-con­sti­tu­tion­al atti­tude is also total­ly out of touch with a basic fact, one which The Baby­lon Bee CEO Seth Dil­lon high­light­ed as a “knock-down argu­ment” against cen­sor­ship: experts can be wrong. Because of this fact, “dis­sent must not only be allowed, but encour­aged,” Dil­lon post­ed on X (for­mer­ly Twit­ter) on April 17.
Dil­lon includ­ed a clip of his 2023 tes­ti­mo­ny before the House Ener­gy and Com­merce Com­mit­tee besides his writ­ten com­ment. “When­ev­er we learn that cen­so …