Police Depart­ments Oblit­er­ate Fit­ness Require­ments In Order To Recruit More Women

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Police Departments Obliterate Fitness Requirements In Order To Recruit More Women

Four years ago, the city of Mem­phis decid­ed to dou­ble down on a strat­e­gy of affir­ma­tive action polic­ing that they had been prac­tic­ing for decades. 
Offi­cial­ly, the city’s the­o­ry was that black police offi­cers are less like­ly to mis­treat sus­pects, and more like­ly to do a bet­ter job, as com­pared to white offi­cers. There was nev­er any data to sup­port that the­o­ry. If any­thing, there was a lot of data to sug­gest the exact oppo­site. Indeed, Mem­phis had long been one of the most dan­ger­ous cities in the coun­try, despite all the diverse hir­ing they were doing. But in 2020, Mem­phis went f …