A COLD DAY IN HELL: Snopes Actu­al­ly Fact Checks Biden Admin’s ‘15 Mil­lion’ Jobs Added Claim

A COLD DAY IN HELL: Snopes Actually Fact Checks Biden Admin’s ‘15 Million’ Jobs Added Claim

It was always asi­nine for Pres­i­dent Joe Biden’s admin­is­tra­tion to claim that they “near­ly” added 15 mil­lion jobs since the pan­dem­ic, and it appar­ent­ly stank so much that even left­ist fact-check­er Snopes didn’t let it pass the smell test.
In a shock­ing twist, Snopes ana­lyzed that the Biden administration’s pro­pa­gan­dized claim on how star-span­gled awe­some its job cre­ation num­bers were was “mis­lead­ing” in a March 21 fact check.  Accord­ing to Snopes, “About 9 mil­lion of those jobs were lost dur­ing the pan­dem­ic, so the net jobs gain from pre-pan­dem …