CNN’s Ash­ley Alli­son Pan­ics on Trump Bible Sales: He’ll Impose His ‘The­ol­o­gy’ On Us!

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<div>CNN's Ashley Allison Panics on Trump Bible Sales: He'll Impose His 'Theology' On Us!</div>

Amidst all the lib­er­al out­rage over NBC’s hir­ing of Ron­na McDaniel, CNN offered an exam­ple this morn­ing of what pass­es for a per­fect­ly accept­able revolv­ing-door hire.
CNN com­men­ta­tor Ash­ley Alli­son was on a CNN This Morn­ing pan­el to dis­cuss Trump’s hawk­ing of a God Bless Amer­i­ca Bible.
Alli­son was the Nation­al Coali­tions Direc­tor for Biden-Har­ris 2020 and deputy direc­tor and senior pol­i­cy advi­sor for the Oba­ma White House Office of Pub­lic Engage­ment, where she strate­gized on run­ning cam­paigns dur­ing “the Resis­tance.” Her bio fea­tures her com­mit­ment to “equi­ty.” 
Hunt played an old clip of Trump talk­ing about “Two Corinthi­ans” and pressed David Frum and Jon­ah Gold­berg to mock Trump’s mar­ket­ing push. When it came her turn to com­ment, Alli­son dis­played a com­bi­na­tion of fear­mon­ger­ing and igno­rance about Amer­i­ca’s found­ing. Alli­son claimed that the U.S. was “found­ed on the sep­a­ra­tion of church and state.” Hunt echoed that mis­state­ment of the First Amend­ment, which, of course, says noth­ing about “sep­a­ra­tion, …