The May­or Of Bal­ti­more Attacks White Peo­ple As The City Deals With Bridge Col­lapse

The Mayor Of Baltimore Attacks White People As The City Deals With Bridge Collapse

I’m sure I have can­celed MSNBC talk­ing head Joy Reid before. I can’t remem­ber specif­i­cal­ly at this moment because all of the igno­ra­mus­es dis­cussed dur­ing my Dai­ly Can­cel­la­tion seg­ment blend togeth­er in my mind, form­ing one big, loud, ball of stu­pid. I can only assume that Joy has been fea­tured mul­ti­ple times because she is so aggres­sive­ly, obnox­ious­ly ter­ri­ble in every way a per­son can be ter­ri­ble.
There are evil peo­ple who think they’re vir­tu­ous and there are dumb peo­ple who thi …