Bills to pay: Mem­bers of Con­gress leave for a pay­day while GOP mar­gin tight­ens

Bills to pay: Members of Congress leave for a payday while GOP margin tightens

Mul­ti­ple House mem­bers have exit­ed the halls of the 118th Con­gress before their terms were up for more high-pay­ing jobs that should not see as much dra­ma as the low­er cham­ber.
Although near­ly all law­mak­ers in the House of Rep­re­sen­ta­tives make a good $174,000 each year, the amount of mon­ey is dras­ti­cal­ly less than they could poten­tial­ly make in the pri­vate sec­tor as a lob­by­ist, con­sul­tant, or by work­ing on a cor­po­rate board of direc­tors.
Here are some mem­bers of Con­gress who have depart­ed the 118th Con­gress for high­er-pay­ing jobs: 
Rep. Bill John­son (R‑OH) 

Rep. Bill John­son (R‑OH) answers a ques­tion as East Pales­tine, Ohio, May­or Trent Conaway, rear, lis­tens dur­ing a town hall meet­ing at East Pales­tine High School in East Pales­tine, Ohio, Wednes­day, Feb. 15, 2023. (AP Photo/Gene J. Puskar)

Rep. Bill John­son (R‑OH) announced his depar­ture from the Capitol’s hal­lowed halls i …