CNN Anchor Kasie Hunt Runs Two Free Demo­c­rat Ads In Lec­ture on Trump, Roe Repeal

CNN Anchor Kasie Hunt Runs Two Free Democrat Ads In Lecture on Trump, Roe Repeal

On today’s CNN This Morn­ing, host Kasie Hunt danced on the lat­est media par­ty line, that Don­ald Trump can’t pose as a “mod­er­ate” on abor­tion now after appoint­ing Supreme Court jus­tices that repealed Roe vs. Wade.
But then Hunt unleashed a series of pro-abor­tion mes­sages, air­ing for free 30 sec­onds of a new Biden-Har­ris cam­paign ad, as well as an ad for Demo­c­rat Gov. Steve Beshear of Ken­tucky, and a teary inter­view with Texas native Kate Cox from NBC News. Hunt empha­sized women telling sym­pa­thet­ic sto­ries about how the over­turn­ing of Roe impaired their abil­i­ty to destroy their babies.
The Biden ad, in which a sob­bing Aman­da Zuraws­ki dis­plays a tiny blan­ket for her child, end­ed with this blunt attack: “Don­ald Trump did this.” Zuraws­ki and Kate Cox have both been host­ed in First Lady Jill Biden’s box dur­ing State of the Union address­es, under­lin­ing how Kasie Hunt seems like a Biden cam­paign sur­ro­gate. 

They can’t inter­view pro-life doc …