CNN’s Zakaria Nudges Michael Dou­glas to Tout Biden’s Brain: ‘He’s Sharp As A Tack!’

<div>CNN's Zakaria Nudges Michael Douglas to Tout Biden's Brain: ‘He’s Sharp As A Tack!’</div>

On Sun­day’s CNN’s Fareed Zakaria GPS brought on 79-year-old actor Michael Dou­glas to plug his new Ben­jamin Franklin movie on Apple TV+. Zakaria nudged Dou­glas, a lib­er­al Demo­c­rat, to vouch for Biden’s men­tal acu­ity. From what he’s heard, Dou­glas says Biden’s “as sharp as a tack.” Isn’t that what all the Democ­rats say off the talk­ing-points list? 

ZAKARIA: So you and Biden are about the same age. Are you one of those peo­ple who wished he had, bowed out and let the field choose some­body else? How do …