MRC’s Brent Bozell with Levin on Stag­ger­ing Face­book Elec­tion Inter­fer­ence: ‘It’s Sys­tem­at­ic’

MRC’s Brent Bozell with Levin on Staggering Facebook Election Interference: ‘It’s Systematic’

Media Research Cen­ter Pres­i­dent Brent Bozell called out yet anoth­er Big Tech com­pa­ny for inter­fer­ing in U.S. elec­tions — and he has the receipts to prove it.
Dur­ing a Tues­day inter­view with nation­al­ly syn­di­cat­ed radio host Mark Levin on The Mark Levin Show, Bozell lam­bast­ed Face­book fol­low­ing an MRC Spe­cial Report detail­ing how the Meta-owned social media plat­form inter­fered in U.S. elec­tions 39 times since 2008. 
Bozell minced no words in his response to the MRC find­ings, stat­ing, “We looked at Face­book since 2008. We found 39 exam­ples of Face­book direct­ly inter­fer­ing with polit­i­cal cam­paigns.” Bozell said, “This is, it’s sys­tem­at­ic. … These Big Tech com­pa­nies have got to stop inter­fer­ing.” The MRC pres­i­dent referred to a bomb­shell report pub­lished by MRC Free Speech Amer­i­ca on Mon­day.