Black­Rock CEO crit­i­cized for call­ing 65 a ‘crazy retire­ment age’

BlackRock CEO criticized for calling 65 a ‘crazy retirement age’

Black­Rock CEO Lar­ry Fink shared his thoughts on how to rethink the eco­nom­ic cri­sis of many peo­ple find­ing it hard­er to retire.
“No one should have to work longer than they want to. But I do think it’s a bit crazy that our anchor idea for the right retire­ment age, 65 years old,” Fink said in his annu­al share­hold­ers let­ter, “orig­i­nates from the time of the Ottoman Empire.”
Social media users swift­ly descend­ed on the Black­Rock executive’s com­ments about retir­ing at 65 years old.
“It helps [that] you are super rich, have great perks like pri­vate planes, and are the boss of every­body. So if you are going to keep work­ing, keep work­ing like that,” one social media user said.
Anoth­er social media user react­ed, “I love how elite rich peo­ple that don’t need SS lec­ture us on the retire­ment age.”
“Not everyone’s job involves sit­ti …